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give me your palms, let me carve them bloody in a language of my own design. This ritual is dangerous and necessary, I must repeat it on you and you and you and you for anything to get done. My knife is so thin it often breaks, in the interest of more precise symbology. Sometimes I find the loose end, sometimes it’s missing. There’s anesthetic in the closet but if you use it we’ll have to try again tomorrow. No rubber glove in the world will keep you safe from AIDS. You might as well yell about it. If you keep quiet, we’ll need to go again tomorrow. Mud packing is perfectly safe. I have here an official license for the practice of sarcasm. Pay no attention to the fact my hands are bloody. Pay no attention to the fact my face is bloody. Pay no attention to the fact that this and the mud, in thick, gloppy patches, is all I am wearing. Definitely don’t ask about my pockets. I do not take credit, or debit, or money, only direct exchange. I prefer to be giving
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prone, wings out
The cicadas are dying,
      but not fast enough.
  their oddly geometric forms
  splay across the concrete in fuzzy arrows,
           outlined in ants, before
    they scatter into segments,
  buzz still fills the air;
        this unceasing cacophony,
          these spiraling sirens
                  are obscene,
              they disrespect
                    the dead.
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Mature content
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Machu Picchu
If there was ever anything in the world that could make me want to stop writing, it would be you. You, in your fortress of solitude, you, with your carefully constructed humility, you, who can't even do me the courtesy of wishing you could do better, for my sake.
I wish you could do better. For my sake. I'm not one for violent fantasies but I'm sure I would enjoy breaking your glasses against your face. I would enjoy the quiet crackle of your nose collapsing beneath my fist. I would enjoy tearing your xiphoid OUT OF YOU and wearing it on a string so you could actually learn what it would feel like for me to be there, underneath it.
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Mature content
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Mature content
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critical angle
how can you
 wave your false alarm at me
            like that.
some poems take longer to write than others,
  as you would damn well know.
  before you, I cannot help but become
    a trite mess of sentiment
          and cliché. voice cracking loudly
               at irritating moments.
 I will not allow you
  to reduce me to your latest test.
   I do not go like clockwork,
        I go for you.
     these riddles
       have gotten old fast,
       we cannot live on riddles.
        I do my best to, for you.
I keep thinking you can’t keep doing this to me, but
you can. I want to know
   so many more things
       than I do, I want to, want to, need to,
  not being all the way
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 I learned to lucid dream
 young. looked every figment
 in the face when I spoke;
  brushed away their features
 in need, and did not
 in dreams, everything changes very easily.
    you were always
   more than dream,
     like you stepped here soft
      from elfhame,
       naturally at ease
        with riddles and games,
         wryly intoning how few
            you knew
           could refuse
             to play.
The sense in this
    I did not at first hear
 but I sat across from you
I had heard you utter
my Name
and from that instant
was compelled to stay.
 in life, everything changes
 very easily.
          as you draped The Realm Perilous about
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Executive Decisions
When you say that,
my immediate response
(after plentiful swearing)
is denial.
this isn't
you know this
isn't what I
and after wavering
a million times
over what you are saying
I ought to do and
already beginning to explain
what I think went on,
I realize
you don't know
this isn't
what I mean.
thus begins the panicking:
I spiral into myself
with disgust, the certainty of
your doubt settles like lead,
and how will I
ever unseat it
after what an ass I've been.
I decide to go with panic,
panic is the most immediate subject.
but it eats itself,
the fruits of panic are
though the accompanying flailing
unsettles the weight,
enough so I
decide to
my explanation
of where I went
wrong, I decide
I can set you straight,
I decide panic
is unnecessary.
following this
I find myself
unable to stop
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here, I have arrived
  at a new place:
     the last page of my scratch pad.
        I'll dedicate it to you,
        (but you didn't do it,)
          okay I'll dedicate it to me,
     (but when would I have gotten here without you?)
       Oh, better just make it out
            to us,
       our patience and caution, our divinity and
       the ease with which we toss these away
            in efforts to grope with unknown strength
               across the void.
          to the way we were led straight past
           what we thought were our limits,
               to the flounder
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Love Is Not Patient (and neither are you)
love is only kind inasmuch
  as it knows
  what needs to be done.
      kindness is patient
    with blunders but the waiting
      drove you round the bend
             again and again
          in time dilation.
 I am so patient,
I forgot I was waiting
     to fly,
 patience is a weakness of mine
  and you help me overcome it
            every day,
   I ran myself out of breath
      when I first realized.
I may be named for a flower
  but I am not gentle;
      as you are well aware,
        nor am I very soft.
     I have always known love to be
       a great cat, equally capable
            of snuggling
        or eating your heart out
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the difficulty of speaking plainly
I will reach past the sill
  for the crystal bauble you offer,
    and I will pop it like a bubble
      between our palms.
       I will grasp your other side
        and yank you hard
        out the window.
         the space between us
          will cease to exist,
          I will dance gleefully
           several stories up
           as you glance the ground nervously.
            I will tease the feathers
           from behind your scapulae.
            I am strong enough
             to keep us afloat,
            I am strong enough
            to disregard all weather
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flowing like glass
so much forgiveness
falls from your jagged jaws,
 it floors me.
 eyefuls of clariity
  drive my mouth slack
  and I forget to confirm your suspicions.
  I forget to say
  that when you speak I melt,
  I forget to say
  that when you scream I scream,
  I forget to scream
  because it is imperative to quiet you,
   because your hurt
    is on me
   even when it isn't
  and all my selfish urges
drive me to the impossible/y
 fast solutions,
which are soooo
from my
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Building (Rainbow) Bridges by Jen-firefly Building (Rainbow) Bridges :iconjen-firefly:Jen-firefly 0 0
earthshine dazzle
as I pull myself together with your gravity,
    I want to apologize, or thank you,
 or ignore the fact smoothly in order to become more 
             readily useful;
       the usual gut reactions,
    none of which is an appropriate response
      to this most un-usual of circumstances.
but I think,
shh... don't
Worry about
I'll make sure
to do it for you
if you then promise
to stop.
and in the next moment
I know this to be
a cruel request,
and my tongue 
to the roof of
 my mouth.
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  I know I will get no (decent) sleep until I’ve spoken (audibly).
    I am like when the birds sing at night in the city.
      tunelessly holding forth from many beaks.
             passerby aren’t sure if they know
                      the sun is down,
                  or that it even moves.
 every time it looks like dawn here, it begins to pour
      and I remember I’m not as good
                at the trust thing
                 as I need to be.
          (but the streetlamps stay lit
    and the birds stay a’twitter.)
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you don't get to call me little girl, no matter how much you make me feel like one. You don't get to tell me to grow up, you don't get to tell me if I've grown or how. You don't get to say how much I demonstrably care when demonstration doesn't include listening to me when I say I care. You don't get to call me a liar when I'm surrounded by your whoppers. You don't get to judge me, not like this.
When I have to wonder if you're actually loving it makes me want to die because that's all I want but I can't, I can't do any more. I have nothing left, I am done. All I have is the wreck of my heaving ribs and a collection of life-lessons hard-earned and no stupid writing to let you know, just in case. No thing to-- no will left to-- post hurriedly, no muse to ram-rod out of myself into a silver bullet to make all this worth it. I don't have one. I hate not having one, and I hate that I hate that. Hate isn't a terribly useful emotion. I feel like I want everyone to leave me alone forever, but will regret it in the near future.



Jenealia Wearth
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
I like hashing things out the difficult way, and confronting questions and things that don't make sense.
I like words. First and foremost, I'm a poet.
I also enjoy MLP:FIM very much. It makes me happy. I am not all business. Steven Universe is the best ever, basically.
If you have made it this far, feel free to note me.

Whitehorsegirl and I are on a team together, and we make stuff for her etsy shop, the Magical Circle of Friendship.


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